Work Incentives for Students

As an incentive for successful academic course completion, students are granted a Certificate of Achievement along with two days off school, provided the course was started and completed in the same school year and the same contract term.  Students may request in advance when to take the time off, provided all course work is up-to-date and they have staff permission.

Students may also earn Friday afternoon off, (on short weeks Thursday afternoons) by completing weekly assignments early.  All teachers, the sponsor and the principal must sign a permission slip for the students to have the day off.  If work is handed in incomplete, a point will appear on the board even though the student has taken Friday afternoon off.

Another incentive for students is the STAR Reward system.  As student may receive a STAR each week for all work completed, no social complains and perfect attendance.  They also receive STARS for positive behaviour.  For every ten (10) stars received the student will get a star sheet.  One (1) grenn star sheet can be used to remove a point from their contract and four star sheets will earn back a contract.

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