Covid 19 June Protocol for Return to School

For all Parents and Students, please read over the Safety Protocol upon returning to school.  We are looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Safety Protocol – KCH



Communication – Parents

All parents have been contacted by the school. (By teacher, YSW or administrator)

All information on MYEDBC is current for address, email and phone numbers.

We will continue to communicate with parents via website, email or phone.

Communication – Students

All students have been contacted by the school. (Teachers, YSW or administrator).

All information is current. Emails and cell numbers.

Communication – Staff

All staff communicate either through Microsoft Teams, text, phone or emails.

Constant communication and collaboration. All aware of students who are returning, where they are working, and safety protocols for themselves and students.


All Staff and students will be entering and exiting through the front door.

Upon arrival Staff will proceed to a designated washing station.

Firstly, all students will be greeted and met by the Principal/YSW to ensure that they are healthy enough to attend and safety protocols will be communicated.

Students will then proceed to the assigned classroom and use the wash station in that room.

Note: 20% of 60 students will be no more than 12 students in the building at one time.



There will be no access to inside the school for the above groups unless there has been a scheduled appointment. Safety protocols will be communicated and displayed.


Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces (CUPE – spot cleaners that will be rotated).   There is a spray bottle at the photocopy machine to disinfect the copier and each classroom will have a bottle of disinfectant for tables, etc.

Open/Closed Spaces:

All spaces are open except the Student Lounge and Gym.

Youth Support Worker rooms are only available by appointment. There is enough space to meet with one student at a time with a safe distance in their offices.

Class Organization:

Staff are designated to no more than 3-4 students in their classroom at one time. All tables will be restricted to one student as they are all working on a self paced curriculum. If students from another room need assistance, there will be space designated in the classroom for asking questions, etc.


There will be no access to lockers. Coats and backpacks will be at the student’s desk. No supplies to be left at the school, must return home afterschool.

Washroom Protocols:

The student bathrooms are accessible throughout the day. They will be cleaned twice during the day.   Each bathroom in equipped with soap and paper towels.


Students will transition on their own throughout the school.   Following the protocol of safe social distancing.



Water Fountain:

The water fountain will only be used to fill up a water bottle using the filling station. No drinking from the water fountain will be permitted.   Only water in a closed container allowed in the classroom.

Photocopier – The students are permitted to pick up their photocopied work in the multi-purpose room, ensuring there is no one there at that moment.

Food: There will no food or eating allowed in the classroom. Students may bring in a water bottle and fill it up in the water station. There will be an assigned eating spot in the multi-purpose room with a safe distance between students. Each spot will be cleaned after use. NO EATING IN THE CLASSROOM

Recess: All students must wash hands/hand sanitize upon entry and exit of any room in the school.   If a student vapes/smokes there will be NO sharing of vapes or cigarettes. The students will not be allowed in groups; they must be physically distanced. They will be monitored by myself or a Youth Support Worker. SMOKING/VAPING – MUST BE IN THE DESIGNATED AREA OFF THE SCHOOL GROUNDS

Mac’s/Shell: students may go to Mac’s if they choose to during break.   However, no outside food or drink will be permitted in the school. The food/beverage must be consumed outside.   All packaging/plastics must be disposed of outside. (An outdoor garbage can and recycle bin will be near the front entrance).


REMINDER:   No consumption of Energy Drinks during the school day.

Multi-Purpose Room (Lunch Room):

As no outside food or beverages will be allowed in the school, all lunch and snacks will be provided free of charge to our students.

Lunch – Designated spots with safe social/physical distancing protocol. All utensils, dishes, etc. will be set up at their space and lunch will be served at the table.

Clean-up: students will scrape dishes, etc., and put in gray bins. They will not be permitted in the kitchen area.   Stacy will be preparing all of the food.

Fire/Emergency Protocols:

The students and staff will follow the same guidelines, making a conscious effort to remain socially/physically distanced. Designated safety areas will remain the same.

Sponsors will continue to be responsible for taking the attendance and providing it to the school secretary.


First Aid:

Band Aids, ice packs will be made available if necessary.

If there is an emergency an adult will assist the student. A safety mask and gloves will be worn. The adult will assess the situation. Parents will be contacted and medical personnel will be contacted if necessary.


Bus: Students who ride the school bus will ensure that they follow the safety protocol of the bus company.   Students who wait for the bus afterschool will have to follow safe social and physical distancing protocols.


Sickness: If a student becomes ill or shows symptoms of being sick, parents will be contacted and student will be sent home.


*** Continuing with KCH practices and procedures. If a student is unable to attend their assigned day, contact must be made with the school secretary. Please leave a message on the school answering machine. or 250-632-2811



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